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About CU

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Come experience Cuban baseball at Estadio Victoria de Giron

Come experience Cuban baseball at Estadio Victoria de Giron

About Cuba Unprecedented

Cuba Unprecedented was founded in 2018. We are a travel agency continuing the new era and path forward of reuniting the Cuban and American people after nearly 60 years of separation. Our style is to dive deep into all things Cuban: Culture, History, Food, Art, Music, Sports, Politics, and much more. We aim to show Americans that Cuba is not only a fun vacation destination, but a country with far more in common with the US than meets the eye. We show you the Cuba you know- the 1950’s cars, the world’s greatest cigars and rum, the legacy Ernest Hemingway and Fidel Castro- and the Cuba you have yet to see. Check out our videos, blog posts, and tips to learn more!

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How We’re Different

Cuba Unprecedented is different from every other Cuba travel company you will come across. Its founder, Christopher J. Cloonan, has spent his academic life studying Cuba, the Revolution, and US-Cuban Relations. He uses people-to-people travel as a way to create strong foundational relationships between the people of both countries by fostering mutual understanding across the Florida Straits.

Cuba and the United States are just 90 miles apart, yet have never had a normal relationship throughout their history. Here at Cuba Unprecedented, we invite you to take part in Unprecedented steps of building the first normal relationship our two countries have ever had, hence our name. We accomplish this through meaningful interactions with a variety of Cuban people: small business owners, diplomats, journalists, athletes, musicians, artisans, artists, the religious communities, and everyday Cuban people.

In Cuba, you will be witness to not only the successes and failures of socialism and communism, but also the successes and failures of American policy in Cuba: The Cuban Embargo. The Cuban Embargo is a series of laws designed to create economic hardship in Cuba to the point that the Cuban people will rise up and overthrow the government. That policy has failed, and left Cuba as developing nation blaming its economic misery on the United States.

All the while, Cuba has spent the past six decades surviving. At times, it’s been with the help of foreign nations like the former Soviet Union, China, and Venezuela, and at other times more alone. While the Cuban people have endured everything from the Cuban Missile Crisis to Communism to the Embargo, they remain an upbeat, united, resourceful people working now to not only survive, but to thrive in light of the hope of new relations with the United States. We invite you to join us on that journey together.

When you return to the US, we hope to learn that you have caught the “Cuba Bug.” You can continue to travel to Cuba and engage with your new Cuban friends. You can explore business opportunities, and spread the word that Cuba can be a normal place for Americans to travel to and do business.

CU Founder Christopher J. Cloonan

CU Founder Christopher J. Cloonan

About Chris

Christopher J. Cloonan is the founder of Cuba Unprecedented. He has dedicated his life to help normalize the relationship between the people of Cuba and the people of the United States. His life changed after he studied there as an undergrad in January, 2012. He later went on the graduate school in Cuba, and holds a Master’s Degree in Cuban Studies. He has spent the last 4 years working as a tour manager to reintroduce the people of both countries to each other once again. Chris has extensive experience living, studying, and working in Cuba, and working as a liaison between our two countries.