Gregory Biniowsky

Greg Biniowsky is the only foreign attorney allowed to practice in Cuba. He advises Europeans, Canadians, and now Americans how to invest in Cuba. He has more than 25 years of experience on the island, having consulted for the Canadian Embassy and United Nations.

Gregory presently works for the Canadian based international law firm Gowlings WLG, focusing on offering strategic advice, business intelligence, and venture options to prospective investors and companies, from around the world, who are looking at the Cuban market. Gregory will share his personal insights into Cuban society, the evolving political landscape, and the fast changing business and investment environment.  He is also the founder of retro-Soviet restaurant Nazdarovie.


Mario Otero

Mario Otero is a young Cuban entrepreneur who holds a license from the Cuban government permitting him to act as a broker between tourists and owners of casas particulares. Mario is also a proprietor of his own bed and breakfast and during our time together he will elaborate on the challenges and prospects for this segment of the Cuban tourism industry. We will visit the casa of Dayron Robles, who represented Cuba in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as a sprinter, as well as visiting the garage seen on the Discovery Channel show Cuban Chrome.

Ambassador Dr. Carlos Alzugaray

Dr. Carlos Alzugaray is the former Cuban Ambassador to the European Union. He is also a distinguished professor at the University of Havana, and a specialist on US-Cuban relations. He is often quoted in outlets such as The New York Times, and often serves as an unofficial spokesman for the Cuban government.

Dr. Marcelino Feal

Dr. Marcelino Feal is a general surgeon at Calixto Garcia Hospital in Havana. He describes exactly how Cuba’s famous universal and free healthcare system works in practice. Dr. Feal is also an extensive writer of television shows and theatrical performances in Cuba, and will discuss his career in Cuban entertainment.

Camilo Garcia Lopez Trigo

Camilo Garcia Lopez Trigo has represented Cuba at its Embassy in Canada, The United Nations in the Netherlands, and in Washington, DC. He also is involved in the National Center for Sex Education (Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual, or CENESEX. He shares his experiences representing Cuba in both friendly and hostile nations, and his views on the current and future state of US-Cuban relations.

Hector Luis Prieto

We will visit the world famous farm of Hector Luis Prieto, and enjoy an evening of all things Cuban tobacco, from learning about the entire process, from seed to cigar, to enjoying cigars with Hector and his family at his casa. Located in San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Rio.

Rafael Betancourt

Dr. Rafael Betancourt is a professor of economics at the University of Havana, specializing in the economics of tourism and the US Embargo.

President of Cuban Rum

For smaller groups, pending availability, we are able to enjoy an intimate evening discussing the history of Cuban rum with one of island’s industry leaders at his home in Havana. We visit his personal Rum Hall of Fame, enjoying both cigars and a lovely dinner in his home.

Hal Klepak

Dr. Hal Klepak is the world’s foremost expert on the Cuban military. Dr. Klepak is a professor at the Royal Military College in Canada, as well as an advisor to NATO. He is the author of 9 books, including a military biography of Raul Castro as well as the story of Winston Churchill’s experience in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. He grew up in Cuba in a diplomatic family and witnessed the Triumph of the Revolution as a child.